Stamp Escape

“Sakuradorian” Ornaments 

Date: Sun 4/23 Time: 9-12 Room: Violin A

Ticket Cost: $46

Class Size Limit 12  This is a 3 hour Class

Fold, Tangle, Fold . . . Cut, Glue, Repeat! Get ready to enter the 3-D ZIA Zone! Zentangle® goes to the third dimension again with simple tangled units that build intriguing forms. We will tangle on black Zentangle Apprentice™ tiles to assemble a larger hanging ornament, and on Bijou tiles to make a tiny one. Participants will employ a variety of pens and learn at least 5 tangles as we create these delightful, origami-esque ornaments.

​Supply List:

​​·      Moonlight 06 (fine line) Gelli Roll pen set
·      Sakura Stardust Clear pen
·      Sakura Micon 01 in Brown (not the same as sepia, which is extremely dark)
·      Gold and silver fine line pens, such as Pentel Sunburst Metallic Gel Ink Pens in Gold and Silver or Uni-ball Gel Impact Sigma 3-piece set in gold/silver/white
·      Prismacolor Premiere colored pencil: White
·      Prismacolor dual-ended marker in Mocha Light (PB199)
·      bone folder
·      ruler
·      scissors
·      adhesive: strong paper glue with fast drying time, i.e. quick-dry tacky glue or PPA Matte; should dry clear; redline double-sided tape is also helpful
·      flat brush for speading glue
·      6 pinch-style clothespins
Amy will provide:
·      Black Apprentice Tiles
·      Renaissance Bijou Tiles
·      Zentangle Apprentice pen
·      Ribbon/cord for hanging loop

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Zentangle® Foundations

Date: Fri 4/21 Time: 12-2 Room: Harp A

Cost: $36
 Class size Limit: 12

​Discover the joys of Zentangle®—the fun and relaxing method of drawing intricately patterned images. Zentangle is enjoyed around the world by individuals of all skill levels. This fundamental class is the ideal introduction, covering vocabulary and key concepts through a guided drawing experience. Learn a wonderful way to relieve stress while developing artistic skills and honoring your creativity.

​Supply List:

​From Sakura of America:
·      12-Piece Zentangle Set with 3.5" White Original Tiles
(#50110   UPC No. 0 53482 50110 7)

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Date: Sat 4/22 Time: 9-11 Room: Violin A

Ticket Cost: $36

2 hours; Class size limit: 12

This to-the-point pennant banner can proclaim your love to whomever you like! We will tangle our message on the newest tile shape in the Zentangle® collection: triangular 3Z™ tiles. You can personalize the display with color, glitz, and embellishments. This class will cover a variety of tangles, allowing for further customization of your pennant banner. This is a ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) class, as it departs from the traditional process, but still provides a fun and relaxing tangle experience appropriate for both beginners and experienced tanglers.

​Supply List:

·      Sakura Microns, Black (01 and 05 recommended)
·      Prismacolor dual-ended marker: Blondwood (PM-99)
·      ¼” or 3/8” ribbon (ample length to hang the banner)
·      black fun foam, 1 sheet; sticky back is preferable
·      redline tape
·      Embellishments: paper flowers, flat backed rhinestones, beads, etc.
·      Strong, quick-drying adhesive for embellishments, if not self-sticking
Amy will provide 
·      Black pennant banners (may differ from sample according to product availablility)
·      Zentangle 3Z tiles
·      Adirondack Earthtones ink pad in Latte (for use in class)
·      Circular ceramics sponge (cut into wedges)​
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Amy Broady's Classes

ZIA Knots

​Date: Sat 4/22 Time: 11:45-2:45  Room: Violin A

Ticket Cost: $46

​3 hours; Class size limit: 12

Create a three-dimensional, ornamental, Zentangle-Inspired (ZIA) Knot! If you missed this workshop last year, now is your chance! This class will briefly cover the Zentangle® method before we begin working on our project. Participants will learn an assortment of tangle patterns (at least nine!) to use on their ZIA Knots. Create a complicated ornament with deceptively simple materials, beautiful designs, and clever construction. Intermediate level; some Zentangle experience is recommended.

​Supply List:

​·      Scissors
Amy will provide what is needed to complete a basic ZIA Knot; participants are invited to bring their favorite pens to add accents to their tangles, if they wish.
Pen Suggestions:
·      Sakura Stardust in Clear, to add a bit of sparkle

·      Micron Pen 3- or 5-piece set to have different line widths, if desired.

·      Colored pens, such as Sakura Moonlight Gelli Rolls

·      Uni-ball Gel Impact Sigma 3-piece set in gold/silver/white or Pentel Sunburst Metallic Gel Ink Pens in Gold and Silver

 Amy will provide
·      Zentangle Apprentice pen (entire project could be done with this pen; suggested pens listed above are for embellishment.)
·      handouts for tangle practice
·      cardstock in a range of colors, printed with the Zia Knot template
·      ribbon for hanging loop
·      scoring tools
·      redline tape

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